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  The functions of China Association of Building Energy Efficiency - Professional Committee of Building Electrical and Intelligent Energy Efficiency are as following:
1. 协助政府部门和og真人进行行业管理及对会员单位的监督管理工作;
1. To assist the government organizations and China Association of Building Energy Efficiency (CABEE) to fulfill the industry management and the supervision of the member units;
2. 协助og真人组织优秀项目评选活动;
2. To assist CABEE to organize the activities which evaluate outstanding projects;
3. 全面了解建筑电气与智能化节能的现状和发展动向,收集本行业设计制造、工程设计及施工、经营管理、经济信息等方面的信息,进行开发利用和实现信息资源共享;
3. Completely to learn the status and development trend of building electrical and intelligent energy-saving, gather the information about manufacture and design, engineering design and construction, operation and management, economic information in this industry,  develop and utilize those information and share the information resources;
4. 积极组织行业人员的技术交流与培训活动,举办各种技术业务培训和研讨班,开展咨询服务,协助会员单位进行人才开发;组织技术开发和业务建设,协助会员单位拓宽业务领域和开展多种形式的协作;
4. Actively to organize the technological exchanges and training activities for the industry personnel, hold various kinds of professional trainings and seminars, develop consulting services, assist Member units to conduct talent development; organize technology and business development, assist Member units to expand the business field and develop various forms of collaboration;
5. To edit and publish related technical publications and reference materials (including E-journal), organize the exchange of information, to engage in propaganda for the principles and policies about engineering construction of the Party and the State;
6. To collect relevant domestic or abroad technical information, to organize the international cooperation and exchanges of economy, technology and management, etc.
7. To focus on the development of the industry and the construction of socio-economic, provide the suggestions and comments about policies and technologies from member units and engineering and technical personnel to the relevant government departments
8. 承担政府有关部门委托的任务。
8. To undertake tasks commissioned by the relevant government departments.
Making an Effort to Provide Excellent Services; 
Spreading of Industry Information;
Promoting Technological Progress; 
Boosting Development of the Industry. 
Getting Exquisite Articles form Quality; Obtaining Benefits form Management;
Gaining the Market form Service; Achieving the Development form Innovation.